Portraits of Josh (+ D1x test)

Filmmaker, colleague, friend, and collaborator Josh Izenberg from Big Young Films asked me to take some portraits for his rapidly expanding bio. Believe it or not I grabbed my new (old) D1x that my mate and neighbor - photographer Paul Kirchner - has (permanently) loaned me. So why would I be using a 12 year old 6 megapixel digital camera? Well, I don't think there's an extremely logical reason other than the fact that I love how this thing feels, sounds, weighs, etc. I love how tiny the LCD is and how you can't see shit. And I love the 'grain' structure. I'm finding these new 'super-powered' DSLRs to look strangely pixelated, blown-out, and digital - and that's not how I see the world. I've always been attracted to old cameras and strangely enough, this is now an old camera. Using an older tool that is completely void of hype seems to calm me. I'm not looking for the next best thing, I'm just focussed on making photos. Regardless, I'm pleased with these results. 


Food Shoot with Left Coast Catering

 LEFT COAST CATERING is an amazing and creative SF catering company that needs sexy food images for their website, blog, mailers, menus etc. I teamed up with the chef/owner Laurine Wickett who did the food-styling to try to capture some of the beautiful ingredients that they had in for a big VIP catering gig. Rest of the pics are HERE.

Testing out the Nikon D600

Lilly hanging out in the kitchen

Don Pablo with rainbow face

A beaker of Gin and lime

I'm looking for a digital camera that gets me really amped to 'make' photographs. In the past I have shot most of my personal work with negative film. I still want to work on projects in this way, but I want to get a digital tool that I really love and inspires me to carry around. My first test was with a Nikon D600, which has a full-frame (FX) sensor and fits my old Nikon lenses. Over-all I wasn't that pleased with the camera. The body felt light and cheap, I found the light-meter to be inconsistent, and the pixel structure was too sharp and hot. I just couldn't imagine lugging this around to seek out beautiful pictures - it just felt and looked too clinical.........


Introducing Laurine Jane Dombey

Laurine Sr. a few days before giving birth

Our new family
Laurine Jr. the day after she was born - living her first full day
Lilly eyes her new surroundings
Lilly with her grandparents after arriving home

Laurine Jane Dombey - Born April 27, 2013. Calling her Laurine was an easy decision - she is the fifth generation of a Laurine on her mother's side. I think we'll call her Lilly! 


Archimedes' Principle in New York Times (Sort-of)

The New York Times published a story about my friends Sarah and Kimo Bertram's House Boat today.  
They also managed to squeeze in a link to the short film that I made about the process, which included dropping the barge into the water for the first time and then towing it across the SF Bay.  Yeh, NYT here I come!

Archimedes' Principle

Sarah and Kimo have succeeded in building their dream house, however there are two issues. First of all, their new house is a floating house-boat, and they built it on land. The second issue, is that while they live on San Francisco's Mission Creek - the boat was built in Sausalito. This is the story of how they got the boat into the water and then towed it across the San Francisco Bay in order to finally move-in to their new home.
Produced by CLUBSODA - clubsoda1.com
Filmed/Directed/Edited by Henry Dombey
Camera 2 - Sarah Bertram
Music by Nick Gage



Friend, blogger, and creative director Dimity Jones sent out an email asking for submissions. The email was titled 'Self Portrait of you + Food.' The assignment was to: shoot a really cool, graphic self portrait of yourself together with a food item you're obsessed with.

The self portrait can be done any way you wish; Black & white, color, and you can show a portion of yourself, (ie, just your eye, ear, hand, just your mouth?) Or all of you. How ever you wish. Your style. There are no rules. Be as creative as you want. 

This was my submission.